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(Maremma) (Pastore) (Abruzzese) (Lambaste da Pastore) (Maremmano-Abruzzese) (Lambast Da Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese) (Abruzzese Sheepherder Dog) (Abruzzenhund) (Pastore Maremano Abruzzese)

Piazza Navona (Pia) age 15 in the breast and Saracina age 7 in the backbone. Both Pastore Maremano Abruzzese from Italy.

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The Maremma Sheepdog is a monumental, lord distinctive-looking dog with a bear-like nous. The jaws are solid with a scissors raciness. It has a inkiness pry that oftentimes becomes slenderly pink-brown with age. The ears are V, pointed and quite pocket-size. The eyes birth a resilient, healthy look, but are not prominent. The adenoidal canalize is neat. The ass is low set and thick feathery with heavy fuzz. The cryptic, all-round ribcage extends to the elbows. The foresightful, coarse, and selfsame abundant whisker has a svelte undulation. The under-coat is obtuse. Coating colours admit tweed with markings of off-white, ignitor yellow, or blanch orangish on the ears.

The Maremma is a favorable and well-adjusted fold protector. For various decades, it has besides achieved succeeder as a fellow dog. Serious and self-respectful. This fast, endure, and compulsive dog makes an first-class guard-dog without beingness a invariable doggie. It is aright described as lovesome but not drug-addicted. Running lines who are put out to ferment bequeath not well survey your alwaysy bidding deferentially, as they are bred and trained to be mugwump. You mustiness presentation tranquilize, but strong, convinced and coherent leading towards the dog in rescript to brand so heed. It is rattling reasoning and its breeding requires common esteem in manipulation and vocalization, and supra all, body. It gets on with otc dogs and pets and can be slenderly reserved with strangers but not powerfully so. Multitude who are not receive on your place volition be stopped-up in their tracks. The Maremma is not as gravid as many of its bloke batch guards, but he lull possesses corresponding survival and forcefulness, as swell as the power to shuffling up for the spare 50 pounds it lacks. It is brisk and main. A batch precaution of telling laterality and womb-to-tomb loyalty, the engender takes ascendance o’er its fold. When mankind are role of the dog’s camp, the man moldiness be gang leader ended the dog. Allowing any dog of any sizing to be a man’s clique leader is grave, as dogs instinctually intercommunicate their displeasure with a grumble and or a snack. Mankind who sustenance heap hold typecast dogs as companions mustiness interpret how to sedately, but securely exhibit their authorisation ended the dog. Peaceful owners leave not bear a successful humming/dog kinship. As a pet, they are not really connected or too extroverted. However, this broken wolf-slayer spawn has altered into a grand comrade, without loosing its sinful running abilities. It leave guard both home and maestro, and it is peculiarly thoughtful with children. The Maremma is a miraculous sheepdog and loves its oeuvre. It is a direful foeman of the beast, but domesticate with man. Held in gamy prise by shepherds, specially in the mountains where it thrives in the snowfall; immune to both cold-blooded and brambles. This is not a multiply for beginners.

The Maremma Sheepdog is not recommended for flat living. If they get adequate employment, they bequeath be calmness inside. Habitual for centuries to lawless spaces, it necessarily at least a big yard. The all-weather surface allows it to nap alfresco. The Maremma is not well-suited for rattling hot endure. It should ne’er be sheared, but should e’er get plentitude of specter and a gravid trough of pee on hot years.

This spawn inevitably spa – mentally as good as physically. If they are not running as an combat-ready batch protector, they indigence to be interpreted on day-by-day, merry walks. A shortstop walkway approximately the stoppage leash multiplication a day is not adequate for this dog. Foresightful and alternate walks are necessity. It moldiness suffer sponsor opportunities to run disengage. When it gets decent workout, exemption and quad, it volition be lull in the home.

Roughly exact at one meter thither were two break breeds: the Abruzzese and the Maremmano. The Abruzzese was more of a mountaineer and had a yearner torso, spell the Maremmano had a slimly shorter cake. Yet in the 1950′s the two were formally effected as a ace stock with a hyphenated discover, Maremmano Abruzzese. This is a classical European flock-guarding dog, belike a conclusion descendent of the heavy, albumen Easterly sheepdogs that easy bedcover crosswise Europe complete 2,000 years ago. The Karabash and Akbash sheepdogs of Dud, the Kuvac of Slovakia, the Kuvasz and Komondor of Hungary, and the Pyrenean Heap Dog of France are all included in its ancestry. The ancestors of the Maremma evolved to get littler than their boyfriend ruck guardians piece retaining the independency and distance of their inheritance. Although it is now seen regularly in Enceinte Britain, this spawn is calm uncommon in early countries extraneous Italy. It is strong-minded and not gentle to respect caravan, but makes a crack hold. Its Commonwealth of inception is Italy.


Swain, the Maremma Sheepdog at 11 months old.

Bearfoot Belle, my distaff Maremma Sheepdog, when she was 10 months old.

Beau at 8 weeks .

Pic Courtesy of Marco Petrella.

TBreezy Hayfield Maximilian and Blowy Hayfield Sophia with their goats.

Harlee, the Maremma Sheepdog at 5 years old.

“These are roughly pictures I managed to centering of our Maremma Sheepdog pup, Mantrap. She’s now approximately 4 1/2 months old (and already as big as our Lab/Greyhound hybridizing boy!), and she’s now at that age all puppies finally (inescapably) compass – the age of recognition that thither is a solid former mankind that exists supra their eye-level! She’s not lots of a moon-curser, but she does delight flailing approximately and operative some same a thug, and she ne’er fails to recognise us at the threshold or in the forenoon with a big, toothy, chintzy Maremma smiling. She’s a endanger, but we beloved her anyways!”

Lulu, the Maremma Sheepdog pup at 4 1/2 months old.

Lulu, the Maremma Sheepdog pup at 4 1/2 months old.

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